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Yoga Recess Day is a Success for North American Spine

by Chris Holden - March 25th, 2015.
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PR Newswire is reporting North American Spine has celebrated Yoga Recess Day by providing a free yoga class and yoga mats to 50 children from a local elementary school in Dallas, Texas. The community outreach program organized by members of North American Spine was also featured as a news item of CW33 as the children from Robert E. Lee Elementary School ran through some basic yoga poses designed to give them a good understanding of how to keep their backs healthy and pain free long into the future. The idea behind the yoga class for the group of pre K and Kindergarten students was to help them understand and develop their bodies and minds as they had fun learning a few basic yoga poses.

North American Spine’s Dr. Abram Burgher was quick to point out the benefits of yoga for those of a young age and those who may already be having problems with back pain as young people or adults. Changing position throughout the day is important as long periods of sitting in the same position can lead to chronic back pain and problems. In many cases, specialists in pain management at North American Spine will encourage patients to take part in yoga classes before resorting to invasive procedures to reduce issues with chronic back pain. Yoga can be an important aspect of reducing chronic back pain as strengthening the core muscles of the stomach and back through the techniques taught can lower risks and issues associated with back problems.

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