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Zeco Auriemo is an Epitome of Success at JHSF

by Chris Holden - June 20th, 2019.
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Zeco Auriemo and Mariana attended a dinner event organized at Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo to mark the official opening of an Italian shoe brand store in the mall. Auriemo was instrumental in getting JHSF into the fashion industry and today, it is a conglomerate popular for possessing luxurious properties including Cidade Jardim, Boa Vista condominium and Fasano Hotel Chain.

The visionary leader has helped the company to have many streams of revenue. He came up with the concept of Cidade Jardim and despite the negative energy he received, he went through with it and get JHSF into the fashion industry. In fact, he has been named one of the most influential individuals in the fashion industry of Brazil. He is often invited to luxurious events to mark the beginning of new projects or even start a business or a noble course.

One of the notable undertakings of JHSF is the rebuilding of a building on the 5th Avenue in New York. Zeco Auriemo and his team worked tirelessly to get the approvals necessary to transform the building into a luxurious residential building. It is located on a place highly regarded and synonymous with a residence of renowned entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and advertisers. The 5th avenue, located on the east side of Central Park, has been a highly coveted place for successful individuals and the company’s move the get the building on the location was an achievement by itself.

JHSF is also known for rebuilding a $32 million luxurious building in the heart of Metropolis. This is just one of the big milestones the company has achieved in Brazil and beyond under the capable leadership of Zeco Auriemo. Auriemo has been bringing new concepts of luxury to Brazil taking after his father who is predecessor at the company. He is now advancing the vision of his father to increase the presence of JHSF to be felt in not only Brazil, but also the world. Find out more about Zeco Auremo:

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